Cynthia Scott

Cynthia Scott, a New York native, seems to be working her way through all of the arts in one lifetime.  Shortly after receiving her degree in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design (where she sang in a rock band with Chris Frantz, later of Talking Heads), she moved to New York and joined a theater/dance company headed by the former director of Dance Theater of Harlem.


When the theater company fell apart Cynthia moved to London and became involved in the diverse, post-punk indie music scene.  After singing with various bands ranging from Afro-Cuban to techno pop and working as a session singer for other bands, she landed two consecutive recording contracts, releasing "The X-Boy" on Compact Records and then "Juggler of Hearts" (written and produced by her) on Red Flame through Virgin Records.  This was an exciting time to be in London, and Cynthia enjoyed numerous appearances in London clubs and subsequent notice in the music press.


Capitalizing on her New York acting experience, Cynthia obtained a British Equity card and began  supplementing her music work with acting roles.  She made her film debut in ALIENS, shot at  Pinewood Studios in England (she has one of the best death scenes when an Alien warrior comes out  of nowhere and grabs her)!  Being cast as med tech Corporal Dietrich in 'Aliens' was her first big  break,  and led her to return to her native United States -- this time to Los Angeles and more stage  and  screen work. During a year-long writers' strike during which no one worked, she returned to art  school, attending Otis-Parsons School of Design.  She spent another year in Los Angeles working as a  textile designer before moving to New Orleans to buy and renovate a Victorian house.


Cynthia is currently a visual artist (showing around the U.S.) and radio announcer (NPR affiliate in New  Orleans).  During Mardi Gras 2011 She reigns as Queen of the Krewe of Chewbacchus -- a  marching club comprised of science fiction fans of all persuasions.








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